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line life live

What is art?

The art is the officio name where you can create art.The artist is who are Working in this officio.We need in this life understand well that one artist is not some especial person, he is only one person who are working made it art.
In case of Acupuncture Course we can understand that is nearly of environmental art, we can made ours art pieces using the environment or the environment can play inside of ours art works but the most important is the piece of art, it is important not forget that art piece is the center of our idea, so we need made one art piece playing with the space that we have around us.
I need: think, work, prepared and work.
It is my kind way of work. I work at home and I prepared everything really well and later I finish my work, never I start to work with out ideas, the pictures that I want made it can change in the last moment but only for obvious problems or better aesthetic cases.

In my creations I have everything calculate, the size of the line depends how many bigger will be my art piece, so, I need calculate and take the rectangle like in the picture that you can look on here, and this will be the module that I going to use for my pieces of art, in really in my creations I use modules rectangular like here, if I want to do one line more big I need to take the central modulo or if I tell better the rectangle of my central creation.
For use this module we need to create one imaginary space but the creation of this spaces depends of the limits and the composition that I going to made it, so where I going to introduce my picture and where the creation can have the principal form but in the last time the form imaginary disappear and only we can looks one art piece and not his evolution work.
In this imaginary rectangle where we start to work if not the limit to create the piece, it can be expandable and open a new spaces where the “picture” play with the space and the commons life spaces of the people.

With this example that I saw you can understand better my kind of work. The framing imaginary that I use when I made one work could be expandable but only if it have relation with the principal size and depends If It have a nice distribution of the weight in the lines of the picture, all the intentions in my pieces need are calculate and really thinking so I have only the artistic think of the creation.
With my art pieces I want broken the usual commons spaces and look for new spotlight that the people never thinking about, then people can be part of the art pieces because the spaces is part of his own lives.If you going to Kiasma museum and you looks there one piece of art where you never think that could be one pieces, in this moment my pieces of art are brokering the usual spaces of the people and at the same time they have relation with the pieces of art.To achieve this effect the pieces of art need to be “illegal” in some places. In the case of Kiasma Museum I need to made it with permissions, but in other places the creation need to be fast and anonymous, but always respecting the qualities of my work, made it could be fast but the preparation it is may be at home working hard.

I want get it a nice effect with my pieces but I know that I need to do it more than one for do it the sock effect in the people, I have the problem that when you are moving nearly of the illegal movements you can have a problems and if you prepared the permissions for made it may be you lost long time and the anonymous felling that I want to express so the solution it is do it illegally, but you can not paint where you want because it is not a graffiti, it is a piece of art and you need respect people to made it (the graffiti is not art it is a vandalism, but it is an other issue) the solution is use the commons places that the people have and they never now that they have. For example the roofs of the houses is really different here but for Finish people it is normal but the black of the roofs and his tilt angle can bring us a lot of opportunities to create a nice piece of art, because the citizens looks normal this black color, but… what happened if we change the forms of this places? In this moment we are creating a sock in the normal using or live of the people opening possibilities were before never had it this is the best moment of my creation.

I have a lot of places where I can create my art pieces but the best places is the most commons places so if I made it in the rail station I broken one of the most safely places that Helsinki have it, because is the center, it is using this place 24 hours for a day, it is police watching, but it is not invulnerable, then the sock is perfect.

For my the life is not a straight line, you have in your life moments when you are up and other when you are down, and it is like my pictures, I need to show this lines that appear to be simples but it are complex because. If you are in front of the picture for only one second or you looks it like a flash in one second you maybe do not understand well what means but when the picture appear in front you need to think about why they did it and it is the moment when people start to be “inside” of the picture. The direction that I use in my picture is absolutely free. The line is who play with me like the life are playing so I only need to calculate well the imaginary space where I going to work and I will be free when I made it.The technical that I going to use is simple, It is plastic painting and liquid but may be I need use sprays in some cases to be more fast. The color is unimportant but I prefer the colors that broken with the background color because it is more highlights and give more importance to my picture.

The life is a line that has a beginning an end, live the life is to be in the knot of the middle.

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